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We will take care of your health

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We will take care of your health

Feedback about us

A wonderful medical centre! You can feel the professionalism, integrated approach, humanity, desire to help everyone in identifying the very cause of the disease, not just treating superficial symptoms... I thank you for everything and I highly recommend the centre.  

Natalya Halyshyn

I want to recommend the wonderful Kalyna centre and their good specialists. Dr. Ulyana Orestivna is a doctor from God – pays attention to the smallest details, analyzes everything, studies the medical history in detail. Treatment is affordable and the most important thing is that it is effective. It's good that the clinic offers complex tests; has many specialists of narrow profiles, the necessary equipment for examinations, which is very convenient and it saves time. The prices are affordable and there are often limited offers for a range of procedures, examinations and tests. Ms. Olena always greets you with a smile, which sets you up positively and you forget that you’re going to the doctor (this is crucial!). 

Nadya Mokhnyak

I want to express my gratitude for the sensitive attitude, humanity, professionalism, patience, and true love of the doctor to the patient... When Ivanna Nehir  comes to us, she treats us all with her smile and kindness. She is also cheerful and pleasant – truly a Doctor with a capital letter! THANK YOU!!!

Світлана Щурко

Now I have a photo with my  favorite doctor. I want to express my gratitude, because this person is truly special for me. First of all, I want to thank you once again for the fact that in 2011, you, Ulyana Orestivna, and your team of excellent specialists, as they say, «pulled me back from the brink of death» (and I am not exaggerating here). Thanks to you and your persistent charisma, as well as your boundless kindness, I understood many things: how to treat myself and my health correctly, what should be my priority, and what I shouldn’t even pay attention to. That’s why for me you are not just a doctor, an expert in your field, but also a psychologist, to whom you can turn for advice and support. To be honest, I can write a lot, I laughed and cried with you... At that moment, when I didn't want to live. You made it clear that life is the most precious thing that we have, and therefore it should be protected. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the opening of the Kalyna clinic. I would like to wish you prosperity and success in your professional activities. May the talent and work of your team bring people help and salvation from all diseases. I wish there were more doctors like you, Ulyana Orestivna, because you are a real specialist in your field. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you only grateful patients and to remain the best doctor.

Olena Mykhal’ska

I am also thankful to you and your team for the professionalism and preserved health. Completely agree with Olenka that you’re special. I’m truly thankful to you and wish prosperity to the clinic.

Mariya Utynkevych

Way to go, professionals!

Sofia Kokhmat

I express my respect and sincere gratitude to you, Ms. Ulyana, and the whole team of the Kalyna medical center for providing highly professional advisory assistance, for a kind heart and a trusting atmosphere.  The importance of the medical community's efforts of maintaining the health of a nation and the future of coming generations cannot be overestimated.  Thanks to your great efforts and high professionalism, you protect and save people's life.  Thank you for understanding the difficulties of today, for caring about medical workers. I appreciate your efforts in organizing this charitable assistance, which is a manifestation of humanism and empathy.  May your every day be full with useful deeds and the warmth of human relations, and the talents of your mind and soul will become the basis of new professional achievements.

Kwitoslawa Mazhak

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